Our Ayurveda and Massage Specialists


Anand, the very first genuine biker, masseur and yoga teacher that we have met in the last over 20 years,has really enriched our crew. His massages involve assisted stretches, deep tissue techniques and  marma points which effectively dissolve physical and emotional blocks and leave you with a lasting sense of well being.
Anand is also an experienced yoga teacher ( from the famous Bihar School of Yoga )  and likes to teach a simple and sensible approach to yoga.His yoga classes are a balanced mix of  step by step work on the body and mind with enough opportunity for laughter and relaxation !
We are really impressed with the number of friends and fans he made in his last two seasons working with the guests and the crew at Casa Tres Amigos. After the last season, Peter even invited him to Casa Kath Kuni in the Himalayas to be his personal yoga trainer and massage therapist for several weeks

Anand is our new yoga and massage therapist at the Casa Tres Amigos and he is also a devoted Bullet Biker


Joe, is our specialist for Thai massage. He is, 49 years old and has lived mainly in Asia during the last 30 years. His fields of work are wide-ranging. Our Thai Massage therapist provides also nutritional advices and he gives advises in the "art of self healing". As a trained chef  he also gives cooking lessions, especially about the different Asian cuisines. Chronic illness and addiction problems earlier in life have made him an experienced and convincing therapist.

Joe is our specialist for Thai massage and the art of self-healing.


Dr. Anita (Urja) and Chetan from Poona are experienced Ayurvedic specialists with excellent professional credentials.

Many of our guests visit the RASO VAI Center to receive treatments or to learn Ayurvedic massage techniques. For medical Ayurvedic applications and consultations, we would be pleased to refer you to the Ayurvedic physician Dr. Ursha.

For more information, please visit www.rasovai.com

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Ingrid, originally from Switzerland, has been living and working in Goa for years. Her specialties include Chavutti and Ayur Yogic massages, as well as Shiatsu. Ingrid is available to provide treatments daily by appointment.

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